Sabhan Adam


Born in Al-Hasakah, Syria, in 1973, Sabhan Adam is a self-made plastic artist. Interestingly, Adam started his career as a poet and was only inspired to explore painting after attending an exhibition of German artists at the Ghothe Institute in Damascus.


Today, Adam’s work is known for its Orwellian nature – he challenges the mainstream notions of beauty and ugliness through detailed portraits of disturbed looking creatures. By covering these creatures in striking drapes detailed with sequence, gems, and metallic paint, Adam tries to direct the viewer to question these stereotypical perceptions of beauty.


Adam has held solo exhibitions around the world, including Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, Dubai, Geneva, Madrid, Paris, Rome, and New York.

Artist News
Juxtapoz Magazine: The Art of Sabhan Adam
17 June 2014

The creatures found in self-taught Syrian painter Sabhan Adam's work could only be found in nightmares. The variety of dark and gruesome creatures all have a face that is similar to his own. "The figures I paint have so many things in common with me--they look like me, they have the same head and the same asian eyes as me. I draw myself with everything that exists inside--the sadness, the misery, the shocking things I have faced, the isolation, and the feeling of not belonging to this world."