Hassan Hajjaj


Born in Larache in 1961, Hassan Hajjaj left Morocco for London at an early age. Heavily influenced by the club, hip-hop, and reggae scenes of London as well as by his North African heritage, Hajjaj is a self-taught and thoroughly versatile artist whose work includes portraiture, installation, performance, fashion, and interior design, including furniture made from recycled utilitarian objects from North Africa. Turning to photography in the late 80s, Hajjaj is a master portraitist, taking studio portraits of friends, musicians, and artists, as well as strangers from the streets of Marrakech, often wearing clothes designed by the artist. 


Hajjaj was shorlisted for the illustrius Victoria & Albert Museum’s Jameel Prize for Islamic Art.  His solo exhibitions have been held at The Third Line, Dubai; Rose Issa Projects, London; Freies Museum, Berlin, as well as group exhibitions such as The Marrakesh Art Biennale; Edge of Arabia, London; Photoqua, Paris; and Re-orientations at Rose Issa Projects, among others. He currently lives and works between London, UK and Marrakech, Morocco.

Artist News
Mr Porter: The Look - Hassan Hajjaj
21 January 2014

Flitting between topics such as illegal club nights, casual acquaintance Mr Damon Albarn, and the bar he designed in Le Marais, Paris - it's clear the Moroccan artist Mr Hassan Hajjaj has lived a little. And having inhabited creative fields spanning film, photography, design and art, it is no surprise that he lives and works in the unique setting of Riad Yima.


29 JANUARY 2014

Hassan Hajjaj’s portraits of female bikers in Marrakech in the latest hybrid street style (bootleg Chanel and Louis Vuitton abayas) challenge traditional notions about Muslim women.


Artist News
New York Times Review: Hassan Hajjaj Kesh Angels
28 February 2014

Hassan Hajjaj, who was born in Morocco and is based in London, is a master of several design genres, including furniture, fashion, interiors and record-album covers. Over the past decade, he has synthesized them, and more, into dazzling photo-portraits that are dynamic transcultural documents.