Bouri 4, Archival Inkjet Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper, Edition 8/25, 31 x 61cm, 2004-2006


Camille Zakharia


Born in Tripoli, Lebanon in 1962, Camille Zakharia lives between Bahrain and Canada. As one of the proverbial exiles of the decades-long Lebanese Civil War, Zakharia’s itinerary is an unusual tale of immigration, between the United States, Turkey, Greece, and ultimately Canada and Bahrain. The celebrated photographer, graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax.


Photography remains the one constant in his life, however his images go beyond an autobiographical documentation of places occupied at specific moments throughout his life. The thousands of individual images that have resulted from his migrations are used as building blocks to construct larger and more compelling visual forms with a degree of complexity that is impossible to capture within a single frame. While the technique is constructive, the outcome of the process is a set of visual metaphors about identities formed and refigured through encounters with changing urban transnational environments. 


Artist News
Huffington Post on Camille Zakharia
28 September 2011

In his series 'Coastal Promenade', Camille Zakharia uses his camera to document the journey taken since his departure from Lebanon in 1985.